Welcome to our crazy online shop!

We are Alicia and Thomas , the dynamic duo from Berlin who want to remove taboos and shed new light on sex in a fun and relaxed way. With us you will find products that not only make you smile, but also spice up the bedroom.

We are a young couple who not only share a love for each other, but also a love for detail. That's why we design all of our products ourselves and rely on our own ideas that the world has never seen before and which we put into practice with a lot of passion. We even received the VENUS Award for “ Best Innovation ” for our WIXIES !

We make sure to produce as best as possible in Germany . We only get our fabric bag blanks from India from EarthPositive. They are certified and are committed to sustainability and fair working conditions . Because we think that environmental awareness is also important when it comes to sex.

We don't just work for profit, we also want to involve the society in which we live and make a positive contribution. That's why we cooperate with small German family businesses and social institutions in Berlin . This not only supports local companies, but also gives people in difficult life situations a chance. This may sometimes push us to our financial limits, but hey, we firmly believe it's worth it!

So, let's remove taboos from sex life together in a fun way and make the world a little bit better in the process. Because who says you can't have fun and do good at the same time?!

With this in mind: Let's get naughty!